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An IIPM Student’s Perspective

Whatever little I have written on this blog so far has never deviated from my passion or interest. But today I will be deviating to my duty. My duty as a student of an Institute “The Intellectuals” love to hate.

In order to ensure my views are taken on their face value, I decided to use my existing blog post & not take cover of an “Anonymous” blogger, which is used all too frequently to comment, write & accuse.

I joined IIPM (Indian Institute of Planning & Management) in the summer of 2003 & spent 3 years of my life in the Institute. When I started our campuses operated out of Qutab Institutional Enclave, but the last year was spent at the Chattarpur campus, the road to which incidentally got rave reviews in the Caravan article. (For the record, yes the road used to be dusty that time, got fixed later on)

As alumnus of the institute it has pained me to see people targeting the institute viciously, without looking into the matter in a more comprehensive way. Personally I completely DON’T SUPPORT blocking any sort of content or links on the Internet, thus whoever advised IIPM to pursue that strategy has completely ignored the basic laws of Internet, which is once anything & I mean ANYTHING gets uploaded or published online, it is virtually impossible to remove it completely. That’s the simple truth. Even Bill Gates is trying to get this removed 🙂

I will try & quickly address couple of most important points raised against IIPM in a completely impartial manner.

Every year millions of students in this country pass out of High schools & look to pursue higher education, many of them choose MBA as their preferred path. I did too, but unlike so many I never harbored dreams about joining the IIMs, mainly because I knew I was not made to be 100 percentile student, like most of us. Plain & simple. But that does not make me dumb at all, does it? I appeared for an Indraprastha university entrance exam (#95 Rank, FYI) & my result afforded me the opportunity to join any of the top DU institute (error corrected as pointed out by a not-too-impressed commenter) IP University affiliated colleges which for some reason I did not pursue & joined IIPM. I was completely aware about IIPM not awarding degrees & not affiliated to UGC from Day 1. So were so many others who joined with me & thousands who have joined ever since.

I’m alarmed when I read comments from students saying they were taken for a ride & never knew that IIPM was not affiliated. People who don’t research before investing time & (significant) money into such important decisions don’t deserve any sympathy at all.

I would be the first one to accept some shortcomings of the Institute as well, 1 of which in my eyes maybe the way it was marketed, which clearly raised eyebrows of the IIM junta, or getting a movie star to endorse it.

But I completely dispel the notion of having the alumni come back to the institute & teaching students as something frivolous. In fact I benefited immensely from some of our faculties who were ex-IIPM students & taught us QT (always failed, can’t handle numbers) & HR. This is a very common practice in so many Ivy League universities abroad, & the contemporary viewpoints it brings to the class.

Most of our faculties however were very experienced professors who did their job well, though we could have made it even better by attending all of their classes but that’s another story.

I would also like to focus attention towards some very logical points raised by Vivek Kaul in his piece published at firstpost, & I quote

“In states like Maharashtra, where politicians run most education institutes, these MBA institutes immediately got a university affiliation. Setting up an education institute with approvals is one thing, but providing quality education is totally another thing. So even though all these institutes with approvals were set up, the quality of their education and infrastructure was suspect and continues to remain suspect”.

When IIPM raises the point of UGC being a bribe acceptance machine, nobody should have any doubt in accepting that statement as well.

Unfortunately I honestly think this issue has also been fired up by some rivals from the education industry, who take this opportunity as perfect timing to attract prospective students towards their “approved universities” especially with the admission season around the corner.

IIPM of course has shortcomings, just like IIM does (thousand odd seats put together for a nation which churns out millions of students every year, how is that fair?),. Just like PWD does (responsible for that dusty road), or even just like The Government of India does (do you even want me to go there?), but those negatives are bloated out of proportion to cover the goodness as well.

I will be happy to answer or revert to your comments & Dear ANON, other hacker activist groups, please don’t hack my little blog 🙂

It’s time we all look into the other side of this issue; it’s time to THINK BEYOND THE UGC AFFILIATION

Disclaimer: As I previously mentioned, I’m an ex IIPM student (2003-2006), & NO, I was not paid in any way whatsoever for this post. Nor was I prodded to write this post.