The Magic of Twitter and it’s 11 Tricks

Twitter LogoWhat started off as a SMS service to communicate within a small group on 21st March 2006 has swiftly transformed itself into a leading indicator of everything from political to pop culture for 200 million citizens of our planet.

Twitter is used from everything to break global news (the unfortunate Boston marathon blasts news was on twitter 20 minutes before it reached TV channels), help stranded travelers, being a virtual water cooler for TV viewing or even igniting revolutions.

17 October 2008 was the date when I joined twitter, and more than 1600 days later I’m still as excited as my first day on the network.

I have expressed my admiration, love and lust for twitter very many times over the web, in person, on the phone and possibly every other way I could have. People, who know me, know my proud fetish for it. Over the period of my last 32000 odd tweets I have been able to derive immeasurable value out of twitter and I hope to continue doing that over a long time to come.

There’s no other platform which has given me so much value, both personally and professionally, like twitter has that it is the only social network I would be more than willing to pay for, if it decides to go paid or premium in the future.

I know I know, there’s for that, and I do have a registered account there as well, but it is difficult to compare that against a 200 million-user strong twitter base.

Here are few best practices for twitter I have learned and stumbled across, on the way till now:

  1. Build your Twitter following by following those that follow companies/people similar to you. The discover section of Twitter lets you see what those you follow are doing; what tweets have they favourited? And whom have they followed?
  2. Ensure your profile has a picture (the egg doesn’t count), Avoid changing it often, have an interesting background & customise your profile to be consistent with your online presence.
  3. Interact with key influencers in your industry, discuss with respect and intelligence and you may gain some following. Some folks use online tools like Klout to recognize influencers, I have had low success ratio with that technique & have found those tools to be usually inaccurate in their assessments.
  4. The easiest way for me to find more influencers has been to follow leading known influencers & then see whom they follow. Handy technique, always works well.
  5. Keep track of your most engrossed followers so you can give them a shout when you want to share content.  But don’t annoy them by tweeting too much & expecting swift replies.
  6. The more tweeting you do the more clicks you’ll get but overdoing it gets labeled as spamming by followers. No one wants his or her timelines spammed. Tweeting keyword rich, relevant content throughout the day will attract followers’ specific to your industry/interests.
  7. #hashtags are a nifty way to get eyeballs during big news days or events. It also helps in recognizing users with similar interests. Be sensitive and careful while tweeting #tags during tragic events or accidents.
  8. Favouriting tweets are a simple way of acknowledging people and in return may get you some recognition.
  9. Use platforms like TweetDeck and Hootsuite to schedule tweets.  Divide your tweets across the day to get maximum exposure for your tweets. Scheduling tweets during peak times will result in more eyeballs for your views.  You can even use tools like Social Bro to get the right time to tweet.
  10. Tweets including pictures or infographics get more eyeballs; consider appropriate content to increase clicks.
  11. Research has proved keeping the length of your tweets between 70 to 100 characters increases engagement rate, helping in readability while glancing through the timeline.

Geek mention: This post would be grossly incomplete without me thanking the programming languages of JavaScript, Ruby, Scala, and Java, without which good folks like Jack Dorsey, Biz Stone, Evan Williams and the usually un-mentioned Noah Glass (often referred to as Twitter’s 5th Beatle) would never have been able to develop twitter.

This post also appeared on Bite’s official blog as a slightly altered post

(Picture courtesy : Twitter)

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